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Daily Activities

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Our specialized activity programs focus on the six dimensions of wellness - physical, Intellectual, social, emotional, vocational, and spiritual. These worthwhile experiences for patients offer innovative programs and therapeutic activities while also providing an atmosphere of fun and enjoyment. We do 6-8 activities each day!

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Some of our regular programs include:

Spa Moments
This program utilizes innovative modalities such as aromatherapy, massage therapy and sensory stimulation to help create regular moments of tranquility and serenity every day.

Brain Games

These aerobics of the mind consist of intellectual and physical forms of stimulation.

Our programs include a variety of fitness activities suitable for each patient's level of physical abilities.

Nature Time
A program that implements a group setting that stimulates socialization through activities such as gardening, walking through our courtyards.

Music Therapy
At The Villages of Jackson Creek Memory Care, we have found that listening to music can be remarkably beneficial for patients with emotional, social, cognitive and physical challenges. Our music therapy program has been approved by the American Music Therapy Association.

iPod Program

One-on-one music with a personalized music selection through an iPod and headphones

Whether it is listening to live music, baking bread, eating snacks and drinking hot chocolate and coffee, or watching a classic movie, each resident gets to choose which activity they wish to do. We even have some residents who want to dust, vacuum or fold laundry - our activities are designed specifically for each resident to help them find a purpose in their lives, while being pampered.

Outdoor Activities

Our secure environment provides areas for walks, gardening, reminiscing, and more.

Spiritual Wellness

We offer non-denominational and Catholic services including communion and rosary for the spiritual activities.


These joy rides and field trips are offered twice a month.

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