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Home Care

When care is needed in a home environment

Homecare programs assist those who wish to stay at home or in assisted living centers but still require some degree of medical care or assistance with daily activities. Registered or licensed practical nurses and therapy professionals provide skilled services such as infusion therapy, wound care, and physical, occupational and speech therapies.

Although we do not provide skilled rehabilitation, if therapy is needed for a decline or to be proactive in maintaining a resident's current level of function, we do offer home health agencies to come in and do therapy covered under part A insurance - in the resident's home setting. During and following home health visits, we also provide a Restorative Aid on our nursing staff to help with carry through of exercises and maintaining the new level of function that has been achieved. There is no additional charge for this service.

At Villages of Jackson Creek Memory Care, residents who see a physical decline or who want to be proactive with their physical health can utilize home health in our facility.

Home health aides may assist with daily activities such as assistance with walking and getting in and out of bed, personal hygiene, medication assistance, light housekeeping and maintaining a safe environment.

For home care options, view Resources.

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